Our Mission
To bring the beautiful Chocolate (Liver) Schnauzers to
Houston Texas! The demand for these puppies is high
because of the color and nature of the Schnauzer. Although
it is a rare color for Miniature Schnauzers AKC highly
recognizes this breed with photos sent to them to ensure
that it is a true liver color.

About us
Located in Houston TX, we are one of the few people that
own these adorable sweet Schnauzers. We are doing this
because we love the temperament and the absolute beauty of
the liver Schnauzer, Our dogs have a very soft coat, not
coarse and thin like many Schnauzers and best of all they are
Liver! We named the website Schnauzer Children primarily
because we treat our dogs like our own children with a
special gentle touch. We are not a process mill of breeding
and give all of our dogs their own special attention. Not only
do we offer Liver Schnauzers but we have other colors of
Schnauzers as well, but our primary goal is to provide Liver
Schnauzers. We do not limit registration on any of our
puppies. However they are sold as pet only. If papers are
requested a additional fee will be required and will be limited.
© 2009 Schnauzer Children. The name, logos and Picture designs are registered
trademarks of the Name indicated.  
***We are now doing Live
Video Footage for
appointments only! This
is the link, Please contact
us for a appointment time
and the password!***
Schnauzer Children
Upcoming Summer Litters:

*Want to be Guaranteed a
1st Pick in the litter? Be
the First to Send a deposit
and you will have 1st pick
of the litter you would like
to have a puppy from.

We Do have a waiting list
for puppies, If you are
interested in one of the
puppies please contact us
and we will place you in the
waiting list. Waiting list
always get the first
opportunity to know about
the birth and get constant
updates on the litters.
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